Ecuador Gold Slot

We leave no stone unturned in the lost temple of luck when the Casino Heroes blog gives a run through of ELK studio’s newcomer Ecuador Gold slot.

Ecuador Gold – the online slot

It’s predicted to be a big hit and the bombastic drum intro that meets us as we step in to this south American themed slot with a pan flute soundtrack set deep in the lush rainforest doesn’t disappoint.

Visually, the slot’s background looks like the inside of a temple embellished by piles of coins, god like statues and holy animals, in the centre there’s a stairway to what looks like a ritualistic plateau.

The game mechanics are falling tiles instead of reels and consist of 6 columns 4 rows. There are 12 bet levels, and one bet equals 100 coins. Players can of course choose to see winnings in their own currency or game coins. The payouts happen from left to right and only the highest win per current bet line pays out.

Ecuador Gold symbols and 262,144 ways to win

Symbols are stone bricks themed by ancient south American cultures (think Aztec). Crocodiles, golden masks, leopards, Kane the adventurer (the slot story’s main character), snakes and birds are depicted on the tiles.

Super, mega and epic symbols

Low, mid and high value symbols come in 4 sizes: standard (1×1 tile) Super symbols (2×2 tile), mega symbols (3×3 tiles), and epic symbols (4×4 tiles) that can drop down anytime.

We really enjoy that the tiles start burning when they create winning combinations, after which the symbols explode to leave room for new ones.

A counter on the top of the screen constantly shows how many ways there are to win, and when the rows grow, the tiles zoom out and get smaller. When the game has 4 rows there are 4,096 ways to win, which can increase in 4 different steps (15,625 – 46,656 – 117,649) until the game has 8 rows and 262,144 ways to win.

Different Betting strategies

It’s common for players to change the size of their bet depending on the results of the previous spin or game play. Elk Studios has neatly entwined this common strategy into Ecuador gold by developing 4 different betting strategies.

What do they mean by betting strategies?

In this context it means a set pattern of betting which is programmed to change the bet level automatically based on different sets of rules. These are the 4 available strategies:

Optimizer: Bets a percentage of the balance, which makes the bet level change automatically and adapts to the selected percentage of the player’s balance.

Leveller: If a player chooses the Leveller as their betting strategy, it will raise the bet 2 levels from the base bet if the players loses 5 times in a row and resets after a win.

Booster: When losing, the Booster raises the bet one level until it has reached 4 levels above the base bet, and resets after winning.

Jumper: When a player wins, the Jumper raises the bet 1 level until it reaches 4 levels above the base bet and resets after a loss.

Good to know:

  • It’s possible to turn off the betting strategy feature after any bet
  • The betting strategies can be applied to the automatic spin mechanic
  • Important! The theoretical result of the game will not change just because a betting strategy is applied

To activate a betting strategy, the player needs to set a bet base level and then select which strategy they want to apply, and finally click on the spin-button.

Free Drops, Avalanche & Ghosting Wilds

When 3 or more bonus symbols (that look like Chichén-Itzá) appear, the Free Drops bonus games gets triggered. The feature can be re-triggered and always commences with a safety level set to 4 rows, which advances for every free drop. The Free Drops range between 10 and 25, depending if you get 3 or 6 symbols.

The maximum win in the Avalanche Feature is €250,000 win. All symbols that contribute to the win explode, leaving room for new symbols to drop and it continues for as long as new combinations appear.

The Ghosting wilds leave a trail of wilds after themselves and move randomly, they can appear on columns 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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