Blitz Jackpot

Japanese player wins $88,276 on Divine Fortune playing Blitz mode.

Our first Jackpot winner in Blitz mode has finally arrived! On Monday November 26th a Japanese player struck enormous luck at our sister site CasiTabi – winning close to €80,000 when playing Divine Fortune in Hero Gaming’s unique game mode Blitz.

Blitz mode

Earlier this fall we released an all new way to play casino games called the Blitz mode.

Blitz mode strips away the games’ music, graphics and special effects and instead shows a ring of lightning circulating around the accumulated wins.

The game logic remains the same, as do the algorithms, odds, RTP and other data. Blitz mode speeds up the game up to 6 times and lets players focus on the money counter as the main visual.

Divine Fortune 

Netent’s modern classic has a 20-pay line progressive jackpot.

And what’s a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot gets built up from each spin from every single player playing that game. It increases every time someone plays the game but doesn’t win the Jackpot.

So now when our player won, the Divine Fortune Jackpot was reset at a predetermined value and continues to increase as the game is being played. There are 3 progressive jackpots that can be won in the Jackpot Bonus feature of Divine Fortune.

Ancient Greek mythology is the theme of Divine Fortune, as it features these mythical creatures amongst others:

Medusa – Raped by the god Poseidon and therefore punished by Athena, since it occurred in her temple. Athena used her goddess powers to make Medusa so ugly that she turned people that looked at her into stone. Yikes – victim blaming much? I guess the ancient Greeks weren’t much for sisterhood…

Pegasus – Was born when Perseus cut off Medusa’s head and her blood was mixed with the ocean foam. This made Poseidon his father. The winged horse carried Zeus’ lightning flashes, and only allowed Bellerofon (another Hero!) to ride him and ended his life fathering two other winged horses and hanging out in a stable on Mount Olympus.

The Minotaur – The half man and half bull lived on Crete in a labyrinth where king Midas had trapped him. Poseidon (again) had sent a bull to be sacrificed by Minos the king, who decided to keep it. Poseidon got so pissed off that he cast a spell on Minos’ wife Pasiphae that made her fall in love with the bull. To satisfy her needs, she reached out to Daedalus who built her a wooden cow, so that she could be together with her love and voila! The Minotaur was born.

Congratulations to our lucky winner!


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