Bonus Rounds

Newsflash! Blitz mode is now available with Bonus rounds on Casino Heroes.


Bonus rounds

Blitz is a way to play casino games with the speed of lightning on Casino Heroes. Today we have updated it for our players’ pleasure.

Every time a bonus/jackpot game appears, a pop up gives players the possibility to watch the bonus/jackpot round play out or not.

This means that it’s now possible to play normally through the bonus rounds via Blitz mode, and enjoy the special features of the game, and then return to Blitz when the bonus round ends.


Blitz Mode

Blitz is a game mode that strips down the slot to its bare bones. Graphics and animations are taken away to focus on the fun part: watching the money counter.

The logic, algorithms and math of the game is never changed. Best of all is that the spins will race up to 6 times faster than normal.

Here’s how Blitz mode it works:

  1. Choose a game from the Blitz game library
  2. Choose to play the game in Blitz mode
  3. Choose your stake
  4. Play!


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