Wicked Slot Shot

The game studio Yggdrasil sure knows how to throw a pre- Halloween party in style! Last night 5 Heroes from Hero Gaming dared to show their love for games to win the top prize…

To celebrate the launch of new, spooky games, Yggdrasil arranged a themed party at the Gianpula Vault in Malta on Wednesday October 17th 2018.

Three games with different missions were running simultaneously and the winner would be the company that completed all 3 missions in the least amount of spins, on the following new video slots:

(November 22nd 2018)(September 24th 2018)(October 24th 2018)

Game on

The air instantly felt eerie when the competition kicked off. Seemingly frozen they played with bent necks, frenetically tapping their phones like party zombies, seemingly unaware of the flashing lights, loud music and voodoo decorations around them.

Our Heroes instantly arose to first place on the leader board: they had completed all three missions with only 52 spins. The score quickly turned into 48 spins, and later 32 spins, finally landing on the incredibly low number of 28 spins! Hero Gaming’s domination over the leader board lasted over an hour, which sparked fury into the other contestants.

Unfortunately the main prize (a dinner and ghost tour in Malta’s capital Valletta) slipped out of our Heroes hands literally in the last minute of the competition… by one single spin.

But the night ended well, as one of our Heroes won the first price in one for the mission contests. He completed the Dark Vortex mission in only 5 spins, which earned him a £100 prize! A night and a score that will be forever remembered in Hero Gaming history.


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