Gonzo’s Island

Gonzo, Did You Hear?

“Long ago, in ancient myths, a golden city was described. Tales from the new world spoke of a place of extraordinary wealth. Several explorers and daredevils have tried, but failed, to find the legendary city and until this day, El dorado remains a mystery.”

Gonzo’s Island

Casino Heroes offers a unique opportunity to join the symbolic quest for El Dorado together with Gonzo, known from the slot Gonzo’s Quest. A brand-new island is devoted to the popular game, starting today on August 8th, 2018.

“The Colombian jungles are calling and Gonzo can sit idle no longer, he HAS to find out what became of the golden city!”

It is the players’ task to lead Gonzo through this legendary quest. During the 3-day event they will be tasked to find El Dorado by playing the Slot Gonzo’s Quest to progress on the island, while they unravel hidden treasures on their way towards the big burly Stone boss at the end.

The island itself consist of one region and one boss. If players already enjoy playing Gonzo’s Quest, this is an excellent way to have fun with it. Conquistadors unite!

El Hombre Dorado awaits! Join our brave explorer in this Foliage filled, golden city searching adventure over at Casino Heroes.

When the fun stops – STOP

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