New Slot: Jumanji

It’s time to take on all manner of savage beasts and unmerciful elements to win huge rewards in NetEnt’s newest slot game Jumanji.

This adaption of the 1995 classic film with Robin Williams is certainly not for the faint of heart!

General Overview

Jumanji is a 5-reel, 36 pay line slot that is playable on all devices from £0.10 to £100.

For those who haven’t watched the original film – It’s centred around a magic board game that produces freaky effects whenever the dice is rolled.

Luckily, this version of the game won’t transport anyone into unforgiving jungles or loose murderous beast at them; however, there’s still plenty about it that’s wickedly wild!

Special Features

The Jumanji online slot includes 4 random features that bring excitement and unpredictability to every spin.

Sticky Vines

Hitting sticky vines rewards re-spins. All symbols that are a part of a win and all Wilds from the initial spin stick to the reels and all other symbols spin again.

Monsoon Wilds

Prepare for a Monsoon in the lagoon! When landing these Wilds, one or two reels will be completely covered in Wilds.

Monkey Mayhem

Monkeys may slow the expedition, but they’re great for random winnings! When Monkey Mayhem is activated all potential wins are awarded once the reels have stopped. Next, all symbols are shuffled randomly to create a guaranteed win.

Wild Stampede

Stampede! Ruuun!! When this feature gets activated, Rhinos will charge across the screen adding 4 – 9 wilds in their wake.

We think these features are fantastic, but the best is still yet to come…

Board Game Bonus & Bonus Spins

Landing 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols activates the Jumanji Board Game and awards 6 – 8 dice rolls to the player.
After choosing a piece to move on the board, the player rolls two dice and earns rewards based on where their piece lands.

The rewards are:

Stampede Bonus Spins

5 Bonus Spins are awarded with the stampede feature activated.

Monkey Bonus Spins

6 Bonus Spins are awarded with the Monkey Mayhem feature activated.

Monsoon Bonus Spins

7 Bonus Spins are awarded with the Monsoon Wilds feature activated.

Vines Bonus Spins

10 Bonus Spins are awarded with the Sticky Vines feature activated.

Mystery Feature

Players win a Bonus Spin feature, coin wins or 2 extra dice rolls. The reward is chosen at random.

Coin Wins

Triggers a coin win, ching ching!

Extra Rolls

The player receives extra dice rolls.

When the fun stops – STOP

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