7 Benefits of Trying Something New

What are the benefits of novelty?

#1 Increased dopamine
Humans are hardwired to be attracted to novelty and the brain reacts strongly when we discover something new. Dopamine is famous for being the “reward chemical” but is in fact a neurotransmitter that aids signal transmissions in the brain. Basically, you help your brain help itself when you try something new.

#2 Improved memory
When we see something new, our brains compare new information with old in order to identify it. In other words, the hippo-campus areas, which play important roles when we merge information from the short-term to the long-term memory, get activated when we experience something new. Activating your memory and using it is the best way to keep it in shape!

#3 Boosted learning skills
New experiences boost our learning capacity! It can also spread to other areas of our life, such as opening up to new people, trying new food and thus learning new things because your brain plasticity increases when you experience novelty.

#4 Breaks monotony
Walking to work every day or eating at the same restaurant gets old quickly. By taking the opportunity get new experiences, you can easily break boredom and see things in a different light.

#5 Beginner’s luck
When we try something new, our brains and minds are open to learning, but also free from the pressure of performing well.

#6 Improved motivation
The dopamine mentioned earlier is also closely linked to our motivation to look for rewards rather that being the reward chemical itself. When we see new things, our brain motivates us to try them and look for what we can gain!

#7 Lowered anxiety
Ah, neurotransmitters… That’s right, low levels of dopamine are also involved when we are anxious. And as we’ve concluded in the list above, learning and seeing new things ups the dopamine and therefore lowers anxiety.


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