New slot: Joker Strike

This slot is no Joke(r)! We jest not, dear Heroes. The Joker strikes again in today’s game release on Casino Heroes…

Joker Strike

Set sail towards the Hero Islands today and explore our brand-new slot Joker Strike! An enjoyable feast of classic slot symbols mixed with fresh new features. Las Vegas is shining in the background as the grinning Joker welcomes you to play his game. Besides the 3 x 5 reels, there’s an extra sweet frame of symbols to win from.

Game Features

You win when you land 3 identical symbols in a row, as usual. But the Joker has another fine functionality to you high rollers out there. This is your chance to bet big and win big!

Stakes start at €20, with 5 spins each coming with a guaranteed Wild on each spin.

When you bet €30 you get those perks as well, with an additional Wild Strike.

Should you choose to bet €50, the game has all mentioned extras per spin, but also grants you a double chance. Meaning that an additional marker on the outer frame wheel appears, which doubles your chances of striking the Joker Strike feature.

And what’s that, you might ask?

Well, it means that the marker in the outer frame starts moving and if you’re lucky enough to hit the same symbol in the outer frame as you did on the reels, the symbol will multiply!

Riddle us that, dear Heroes… Try something new today by playing Joker Strike on Casino Heroes – the casino that gives you more!


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