Fat Rabbit is now live!

Today’s game release is a retro slot called Fat Rabbit. It’s set on a farm amongst tractors, hay, rural nature, and it’s fresh out of the Push Gaming factory.


Fat Rabbit

Visually, the Fat Rabbit game is charmingly square looking, and we guess that it’s made to resemble the popular 8-bit games. Same goes for the music, which does remind us of many 1980’s video games. Although the game is set in summer, the hungry hare in this game is white. He’s got cute anime eyes and boasts with a big, pink, and seemingly insatiable belly.

Slot symbols are a Wolf and an Angry Farmer from which the Fat Rabbit gets his carrots. Others are silages, buckets of water, and the classic card suits: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.


When you land the Farmer enough times, a tractor drives by and harvests the reels until they’re empty. This allows Fat Carrot Wilds to pop up. The Fat Rabbit then hops up and down the rows and eats the Wilds. If you’re lucky enough to get 5 carrot wilds, Fat Rabbit expands and triggers the Free Spin mode! Landing the Big Bad Wolf also earns you wilds, and a toothy bite of course…


Put your overalls on, dear Hero and see if you can harvest some goodies from Fat Rabbit!

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