The Big Boss himself, BadAss Santa awaits on Christmas Island

And so it has come to this. Are you ready to face BadAss Santa?


BadAss Santa of Christmas Island

On December 23rd we welcome… uhm, we hereby announce the arrival of. Oh for the love of Christmas… HELP US HEROES! BadAss Santa has awaits on Christmas Island and we desperately need your help defeating him.

This blue beardy bastard donned in a red Santa suit might almost look the part, but don’t be fooled. He is no Santa Claus! You have fought through all his underlings, you have DEFEATED all his underlings. Now it is time to take on the big kahuna himself. Enter his region of The Icy Heist and stop his evil crusade once and for all!

As you approach him he sits on top of his throne, anticipating your arrival into his domain. He looks at you with a wry smile, waiting for you to make the first move.

“I did not expect such vigorous fighting from a whelp” he sneers. “But do you really expect me to believe that you are ready to face ME?”

You hide the chill that runs down your spine to the best of your ability, but even so, you can sense the dreadful energy filling the room. With clear defiance you draw your weapon and steel yourself for what’s to come. You can sense the end, and nothing will stand in your way now when you’re this close to being victorious!

And with this, we invite you to join us at Casino Heroes where BadAss Santa awaits you in this new region on December 23rd. Beat him and reclaim Christmas!

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