Evil Olaf has appeared on Christmas Island!

Evil Olaf + Frosty Tops = Chances to win Big Rewards

Do you want to beat a snowman?

Today you will be able to step into the new region Frosty Tops. Be careful though, since this is Evil Olaf’s domain and he will be sure to protect it with branch and claw!

There will be no begging for mercy or bargaining for parley from Evil Olaf. This animated chunk of ice couldn’t care less if you want to have a happy Christmas; He is here for one reason only, to stop you in your tracks.

His scarf might be pretty and purple, but if you don’t pay attention he might just whip you with it!

Also, be careful of his sharp spikey ice fangs Hero – or you’ll get the worst frostbite of your life (get it?! Frost Bite … because he’s made of ice and has sharp teeth and… yeah… never mind).

This is no cute and cuddly winter creature – that’s not Badass Santa’s style I’m afraid.

Instead of creating a nice snowman, he opted for a hideous snowmonster…great…

Evil Olaf is a wicked chunk of ice, as harsh and as cold as the winter itself. So cold, in fact, that his region has been named the Frosty Tops.

Indeed, Olaf’s malicious grin can freeze the blood in even the bravest Heroes’ veins!

Please make a puddle out of this abominable frozen giant and stop him terrorising the region.

Just make sure to dress up warm and bring hot chocolate though – for it’s about to get cold, cold, cold… hope that doesn’t bother you!

If so, you needn’t fret, we know you can defeat this frozen monstrosity and take back the Frosty Tops!

Win an epic boss fight against Olaf at Casino Heroes and you can win cheery Christmas Gifts. Come help us defeat this grinning giant once and for all!

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