The Little Helper of Dwarf Dale

Little Helper, Big trouble

Little Helper is here to Ruin Christmas!

The fiercest dwarf of Dwarf Dale has sworn to not let anyone through!

…Well we can’t have that now, can we?!

The treasure is located somewhere through here. You won’t let Little Helper, one of BadAss Santa’s most loyal minions, keep you from all that lucrative loot…Right?

Pick him up and smack him about. Maybe you’ll even knock some sense into that bearded little weirdo and he’ll stop trying to ruin Christmas!

Be warned, he may be small, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate him. Size doesn’t always matter, and he really knows how to use his… hammer…

Not to mention his golden coloured helmet ordained with antlers, possibly a trophy from an adventure in the past. Make sure your hits don’t land on his shield, that won’t do any damage to him now will it?

The Dale need your help Hero! Log on to Casino Heroes and help us save Christmas!

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