A new challenger appears!

Harry the hoarder has hoarded the hoard!

The Christmas season keeps going at Casino Heroes

You might think of a warm-hearted Robin Hood figure when you see Harry the Hoarder, but don’t be fooled by his getup.

He is, and always will be, one of BadAss Santa’s bad “little” helpers (although you could hardly call his titanic frame ‘little’) and his mission is to hoard anything he can!

The cold winter air will bite at you while you climb his mountain… But don’t lose heart, there will be heaps of rewards waiting for you at the top after he’s been defeated!

We believe in you Hero, so much so that we even wrote you a poem:

Harry will try to add to your woes, with his bell, his pointy hood and 3 stubby toes.

But, with a smack and a crack he’ll be seeing stars, when, with two big blows, you send him to Mars.

Steel your nerves and prepare for your face-off with Harry when you reach the end of the Miser Mountains…

Don’t let this wily, wobbly wombat hoard all the presents for himself! Go to Christmas Island at Casino Heroes and snatch his heaps for yourself!

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Casino Heroes is created by game enthusiasts with the mission to elevate the online casino experience to an entirely new level. The adventure on Casino Heroes consists of three different Islands with their own back stories and is one of a kind in the online casino industry. General Terms & Conditions Apply.

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