Troll Hunters

Titanium Troll and Tom Entwood better go hide when our Heroes start playing Troll Hunters. With its 5 x 5 grid it is something extraordinary.

Troll Hunters Slot

Join Play’NGO for an adventure back to the time of Vikings in a country far north. The slot Troll Hunters has a 5 x 5 grid instead of reels, and you can gather prizes both horizontally and vertically. For symbols, you will find seidels of Hero Brew, good food, magic symbols and the three Troll Hunters for the highest winnings. You do also have Wilds that can substitute other symbols and Bonus Scatters that will reward you with Bonus Rounds. If you get more winnings in one single spin, you can see the Multiplier Meter grow and eventually multiply your prizes. As the slot uses Free Falls, so the symbols in one winning combination will be removed, the odds for collecting several winnings in one spin are big as a troll!

The Trolls of Hero Islands

There are several trolls on the Hero Islands, but the most known ones are Titanium Troll and Tom Entwood. Both of them are some rather strange creatures well-known among the Heroes. Titanium Troll has a shield of titanium that he got after jumping into a pot of boiling titanium. You should know that this fellow can put up a tough Boss Fight… Tom Entwood is a bit softer but not softer than the hardest oak. Combine that with his massive size and he is not the easiest of Bosses to fight.


Nowadays trolls are common, especially on the internet. In older days they were harder to find and to become a good Troll Hunter you had to travel through the deepest forests, climb the highest mountains, cross the wildest rivers or visit the deepest seas.

Go troll hunting on the Hero Islands at Casino Heroes!

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