Smoking in Casinos

Do you belong to the bunch that made New Year resolutions? Smoking is a widespread habit that many people share and also swear on quitting. Particularly on a cold New Year’s eve – or rather at 2 am – while standing outside shivering with a lit cigarette in hand.

But how come smoking is still so widely accepted in the casino? Luckily enough, casinos have powerful ventilation systems. While interestingly enough, smoking is banned in all poker rooms. Supposedly it is because playing poker is considered as potential income, and so have been labelled a “smoking free” working environment.

What is no longer free, however, is the outside space when it comes to smokers. Open air restaurants often have ‘No Smoking’ signs, or if not, there is a dedicated and frowned upon smoking area. Thus, smoking is slowly but surely becoming instinct.

But back to the subject. Why smoking is still accepted in the casino? Well, if you are a smoker you will evidently choose a casino that allows smoking. And no business wants to lose a potential customer. Easy as that.

Smoking, in general, is unusual indoors. Especially within your own home. And as we all know, even second-hand smoke is harmful. This is very well demonstrated by other guests when a smoker re-enters the house on a cold New Year’s eve… as they with gesturing hands and unnaturally loud coughs demonstrate how the person in question might very well be a fully lit walking giant cigarette…

Nonetheless, for your own health’s sake, we hope that you manage to keep your New Year’s resolutions. We also wish you won’t be exposed to any second-hand smoke while you boycott the brick-and-mortar casino for our online casino.

Other than that we simply wish you a Happy New Year and that all your wishes come through in our new splendid year of 2017.


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