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The gambling scene is packed with phrases, jargon, and lingo used by everyone from professional hustlers to the regular guys on their weekly Wednesday-poker-nights. Phrases such as “Dead Man’s Hand”, “I swear he was a Casino Cooler man!”, can sound both daft and  striking. Nevertheless do such expressions suggest we’ve entered a closed community.

Have you wondered where the heck these peculiar sayings originate from? Or what on earth they mean? Well, we have, and the list is endless. Therefore, we will provide you with a gaming-hustler-lexicon of casino slang. The terms are random yet handpicked and presented in a fashion we see fit:

No need to continue; “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” right?

The quote is somewhat a cliché. Yet, the saying is so powerful in fact, that it trademarked Las Vegas as the second-most recognised brand in the country of USA after Google! Not too shabby. Moreover, it proves the power phrasing can have…

Ever seen The Hangover? The modern classic about a bachelor party gone completely wrong in the city of lights? Everyone who has, loves Alan, the socially awkward dude who uttered; “It’s Not Gambling if You Know You’re Going to Win”. This is a quote used by every other damned bearded hipster that visits Las Vegas today. We can only imagine the nuisance it causes employees at casinos, to hear the same tedious quote several times, every day, accompanied by jingles of slot machines …

If Alan had been real. The staff would most probably have kicked him to the curb. Which brings us to another cool term, or rather a number; “To get Eighty-sixed”. “86” is a term describing someone who’s banned from a casino. “He’s been Eighty-sixed from the Flamingo” simply describes someone who’s never allowed back into the Flamingo again. Ouch! Through hearsay we’ve learned that the term originates from resembling the word “Nix”. Boring! We prefer another theory. Apparently, to get “Eighty-sixed” originates from the number of the US law which forbade bartenders to serve anyone who seemed too intoxicated. We have no idea if this is accurate. Yet, we wouldn’t mind throwing the slang around (as long as it does not refer to ourselves in correlation to any casino nor bar). Still, the expression simply has a cool ring to it…

Speaking of cool. It brings us to “The Coolers”. In Summer we want coolers. For our beer, or wine, or whatever. And we want them in heaps. At the beach. Not at the casino! You see, rumour has it that “Casino Coolers” are spectators considered to bring bad luck to a game without even participating. Gamblers claim they have lost due to “Casino Coolers” simply bringing an unnerving presence to the table. However, most people still insist that “Casino Coolers” don’t even exist. And so, coolers are somewhat a myth.

What’s not so cool, is dying. And that’s exactly what happened to poor Wild Bill Hickok who according to legend was shot in the middle of a poker game. Hickok was allegedly winning with two pairs; black aces and black eight’s. And Tada! The term “Dead Man’s Hand” was born with Hickok’s death.

On a livelier note: “American Airlines” is the poker slang for another poker hand, two aces, which is the strongest hand in poker also known as “Pocket Rockets”. This hand most likely will have you winning, perhaps a “G-note”? Which is slang describing a grand. Even though the term is used by professional gaming hustlers, a “G-note” actually originates from the hip hop music culture. The term is even presented in context by the Urban dictionary: Bitch stole a G-note from my crib”.

The slang, term, and quote list within the gaming scene is as said, endless… Should you wonder about other intriguing terms you’ve heard, hit us up in the comment field and we pledge to elaborate them all. But for now, why not finish off our little casino slang list by explaining the striking title ordaining our most serious investigation…?

“Whack!” is a saying describing something unbelievable; “Yo, that’s whack. He just won a grand.” (Or should we say G-note?)

And, “Bam!” is an exclamation used to express extreme excitement or happiness (often a result from some sort of accomplishment), which might very well sound something like; “Bam! She screamed as she won on the slot!”

While “Wham!” can describe to hit something very hard. For instance; “Wham! And she slammed the winning hand on the poker table”.

So why not go all-in and; “Whack, Bam, Wham!”, show off your casino slang, while you beat the hell out of the house at our new exciting live section at Casino Heroes?


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